Do you know what you don’t know?

What does an editor do? Is it just run spellcheck and hit send? If only it were that simple… One of the things editors do is try to make sense of complex sentences. Often authors will come up with a sentence that makes perfect sense in their mind, but when the words hit the page … Read more

My editor has resigned: what are my options?

If your editor has resigned out of the blue, it’s only natural to feel under pressure. With competing deadlines and large volumes of research to get through, the loss of an editor can cause major problems – including scheduling gaps that need to be quickly filled. In this piece, we look at the options available … Read more

What to look for in an editor

What makes a good editor? Here are some of the qualities and skills that make a good editor: Native English. Far more people in the world speak English as a second language than as a first. It is tempting therefore to think that simply having a high level of English is sufficient for an editor. … Read more

Finding an editor

What should you do if you are tasked with finding an editor? You may not know what to look for or what questions to ask. Whether you are looking to add editorial capacity to an existing team or hire an editor for the first time, there are certain core skills and experience the editor must … Read more

Why editors are like the smiths of old

London is seeing a revival of interest in ancient artisan crafts and smithery. Today there are spoon makers, globemakers and blacksmiths operating commercially out of workshops in and around London. They are following in the footsteps of the medieval artisans who filed, soldered, forged and cast raw metal and wood, repairing, restoring and creating practical … Read more

How editing eases cognitive strain

Our brains are like a cockpit, with a series of dials indicating inputs to various variables. Am I under threat? Is anything new happening? Is more effort needed for this task? One of these dials measures cognitive ease on a range from “easy” to “strained”. If the dial points to easy that means things are … Read more

Can editing be automated?

The existence of copy-editing programs such as Grammarly, which claims to find 10 times as many mistakes as word processors, and high-powered proofing tools such as Tansa, would seem to indicate it can. Further, those unaware of the details of the investment research editing process would be forgiven for thinking it consists simply of a … Read more

How editing can prevent costly mistakes

A young Swedish student ran to catch a lift in a hospital in Kerala, India. As the door closed she put her leg into the doorway to stop it. The door continued to close around her leg causing her to scream with fear and pain as her leg was getting crushed. A quick-thinking Indian doctor … Read more