What is the state of the SA market?

We sampled data for about 500 supervisory analysts around the world. We were interested in the distribution of ages, where SAs were based and what type of firm they worked for. More specifically, we wanted to know whether young SAs were coming up (we suspected not), whether lots of SAs were due to retire in … Read more

Investment research, fast and slow

One of the requirements regulators have is that investment research should be based on appeal to reason not emotion. Another way of thinking about this is that it should be the reader’s System 2 that makes the investment decision not their System 1. This System 1/System 2 framework was created by psychologists Daniel Kahneman and … Read more

FINRA eliminates SA experience requirement

As of 1 October 2018, FINRA, the US financial regulator, has eliminated the experience prerequisite for the Series 16 supervisory analyst (SA) exam. The full FINRA notice can be seen here. The ruling has the effect of adopting Incorporated NYSE Rule 344 into FINRA Rule 1220(a)(14). Previously candidates for the exam had to have at … Read more