Why English is so strange

Why can you write debt but not det? Why balance sheet and not balans sheet? And why is there often no rhyme or reason to the rules of English?   The reason is that, along with other British institutions such as the monarchy and Parliament, the English language has endured for centuries by bending with the … Read more

FINRA gives unregistered SAs a second chance

Second chance for unregistered SAs FINRA has given SAs deregistered before March 2022 a second chance to maintain their registrations. Its new Maintaining Qualifications Program (MQP) set up in 2022 enables SAs without an employer to maintain their registration for five years by carrying out continuing education through the FINRA website. However, SAs deregistered before … Read more

Inflation hits gas, oil, timber and…words

It is not just commodities such as oil and timber that are subject to inflation. Words are too.  Inflation is when the purchasing power of the money we hold falls so with a given amount of currency we can buy less. Words in one sense are like money. Their value fluctuates and the amount of … Read more

HODL – how a typo became a rallying cry

It was 18 December 2013. Brexiters were seen as “fruitcakes and loonies” by then UK prime minister David Cameron, Trump was still just a reality TV star with a Twitter account, and one of the last bailouts of the financial crisis had just taken place with the EU handing over EUR10bn to Cyprus.   Over … Read more

Find your unhappy: adjectives as nouns

“Today, the Guardian has launched a new interactive.”  “Find your happy.”  “The bus service is free for the elderly.”    If your initial reaction to the first two sentences above is to think “Ugh”, you are in good company. They are offensive to the mind. “A new interactive what?” the brain protests.   Increasingly it … Read more

Do you know what you don’t know?

What does an editor do? Is it just run spellcheck and hit send? If only it were that simple… One of the things editors do is try to make sense of complex sentences. Often authors will come up with a sentence that makes perfect sense in their mind, but when the words hit the page … Read more

My editor has resigned: what are my options?

If your editor has resigned out of the blue, it’s only natural to feel under pressure. With competing deadlines and large volumes of research to get through, the loss of an editor can cause major problems – including scheduling gaps that need to be quickly filled. In this piece, we look at the options available … Read more