What we do - Financial Research Editing Services


Our team of editors edits a wide range of research and marketing publications. These include buyside and sellside fixed income, equity and economics research.

Supervisory analyst service

Our team of FINRA Series 16 supervisory analysts ensures research is fully compliant with all relevant regulations. This is ideal for firms without headcount for permanent supervisory analysts.

Research principal service

Our FINRA Series 24 research principals provide supervision of research activities.

Why choose us


We have a large team of more than 20 experienced editors and supervisory analysts. They focus on what is being said and how it is being said, to ensure clarity, coherence and compliance, adopting client-specific style and formatting requirements to preserve consistency across publications.


We are a trusted business partner. Some clients have worked with us for many years. We have a deep understanding of clients’ requirements and provide a bespoke service. This means we can help our clients navigate the ever-changing business and regulatory environment.


We support clients in all regions and time zones. This includes planned, unplanned and 24/7 editorial coverage. We work remotely but can also integrate seamlessly with clients’ in-house systems, onboarding and publication processes. We help manage editorial workflow peaks and troughs to ensure quality is maintained. Set shifts or ad hoc services at an hourly rate mean clients only pay for the editorial services they need.

How it works

Our team of editors, supervisory analysts and research principals work remotely. If required, our team members can spend an initial period at your offices to meet your team, and to become familiar with your systems and procedures. Once this initial setup period is complete, we can work using your system via a secure remote login to your network, or you can email your documents directly.